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This Advanced Vocabulary workbook series helps students expand and enhance their word bank, whether this be in preparation for entrance examinations or just to supplement their creative thinking. 


Our books are essential for:


Eleven Plus (CEM/GL)

The Transfer Test NI (AQE/GL) 

KS2 SATs (High Level)

12+ and 13+

ISEB Common Entrance/Scholarship/Pre-Tests

UKiset Tests

The ISEE and SSAT (All Levels)

Strengthening General Vocabulary


There are ten books in this series, split up alphabetically:


Workbook   1:        A – B

Workbook   2:        C

Workbook   3:        D  

Workbook   4:        E – F  

Workbook   5:        G – I  

Workbook   6:        J – N  

Workbook   7:        O – P 

Workbook   8:        Q – R 

Workbook   9:        S  

Workbook 10:        T – Z 


Over the ten books, we have built in over 1200 words into interactive activities.


“Here at NIMSS, we firmly believe that after working through our Advanced Vocabulary series, students will be more confident undertaking any exercise which involves vocabulary.”

NIMSS Advanced Vocabulary Workbook 4 E-F

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